About us


Xenixx is a company specializes in high performance carbon fiber products

We are value-driven, customer-focused, creative and responsible company.

We strive to delivery the top notch quality products to meet our customer expectations and able to enjoy every single moment with our products!

Let's Feel The Motion!


Consistency and dedication is our key to provide reliable, durable and quality products.
We at Xenixx believe that quality products do not always come with high price. We deliver our business concept - fun, quality and affordable.

Each of our wheel-set is completely designed, hand built, inspected and tested by our group of engineers and experts.
Only high quality raw materials are being used to offer optimal strength and stiffness to guarantee riding pleasure and performance demand.

We believe every single cycling enthusiasts from entry level to professional level will benefit from our values, hard work and dedication.

Let’s Feel The Motion!

"Amazing and reasonable price products. This 50mm carbon profile helped me to improve average speed and never feel that difficult to cruising at high speed"


"Fast, Quality, Affordable price i guess is the principles at Xenixx. Good job, please continue to provide such quality and price competitive products to the market!"

Richard Wong, KL